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Why Mobile Veterinary Care is the Way to Go

Never leave the house for a vet appointment again! Our mobile practice comes right to your home with a fully renovated van equipped for most services a brick-and-mortar offers. Here are our top reasons why you should go mobile:

Advantages of a Mobile Veterinarian

  1. Reduced Anxiety - Dogs and cats may be anxious in the car and at an unfamiliar vet's office. Our van parks in your driveway for a very short commute.

  2. One-on-One Care - We see each client one at a time, meaning you're pet will have our full attention the entire time.

  3. Personalized Service - We are all about building connections and learning about our clients. You will get time with the vet to talk about any concerns and go over vital information for your pet.

  4. Time Efficiency - Eliminate the driving time to-and-from the vet and save waiting.

Schedule your mobile visit with Central Coast Veterinary Services today!

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